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Hi, I'm Ollie| Olly | Olie | Oliver

I am a designer and photographer based in Rotterdam, NL

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[/] About me

With a master's degree in architecture and many years of practical experience, I've developed a distinctive perspective on design, space, and user experience. My expertise in architecture doesn't stop at physical spaces; it extends seamlessly into the digital world, particularly in the field of UX research for innovative websites and apps.

I've called Rotterdam home for the past years, and it's here that I've honed my architectural skills. At the same time, I've ventured into programming on my own and discovered a deep passion for UX research. My professional experience is diverse, from creating intricate set designs to developing cutting-edge protocols for image storage on the Bitcoin network. However, the common thread that ties it all together is the application of my foundational design principles to create innovative digital user experiences.

By combining my architectural knowledge with UX design principles, I ensure that every project I work on is infused with a profound understanding of flow, fully focused on the end user. This approach allows me to create digital platforms that are not only functional but also resonate instinctively with their users.

I'm driven by an insatiable curiosity to learn and grow, and I'm always eager to be part of projects that are transformative and aim to make a positive impact on the world. Although my work has taken me across Europe, Rotterdam remains the center of my operations.

Through collaborations with startups at various stages of development, I've had the opportunity to provide marketing strategies focused on viral growth. These experiences, combined with my unique background, have equipped me with the skills to craft memorable, user-friendly experiences that are deeply rooted in design.